120 Day Fat Loss Challenge


At Living Health, we believe in a healthy MIND, BODY and SOUL.

During our 120 day challenge we will assist you achieve these goals by walking through this process with you. Loose both centimetres and kilograms by following our diet plan and utilising MANNATECH supplements.

Missed 1 November? Don’t worry, you can start at any time.

A healthy body contributes to a healthy Mind and Soul.

Utilising Mannatech’s clinically proven OSOLEAN whey protein supplement, the fat is specifically targeted. OSOLEAN furthermore suppresses cravings and provides added energy. The BCI (Body Composition Index) is improved through loss of FAT, reduction in water retention, while retaining both muscle and bone density.

Through the utilisation of additional Mannatech products you can improve on your results. We will guide you in the best selection and use of these supplements based on your specific needs.

Yes, YOU can join. There is no joining fee. You just need to use the OSOLEAN product and any other Mannatech products you wish to add during the challenge.

Complete the Sign Up Form and attach a photo of yourself at the time of signing up for this challenge before 18h00 on 31 October 2019. We will help you to order your product(s) and Mannatech will deliver it to the delivery address specified.

Missed 1 November? Don’t worry, you can start at any time.

NO. With the use of the Mannatech range of products, your system is fully supported and you are not starved. Not only this, but YOUR old eating habits will change to become part of a new and healthy lifestyle.

The Mannatech range of products is plant based and contains no GMO, Iirradiated components, colourants or preservatives. Each supplement has been carefully formulated and is designed to support specific areas of your health. Mannatech holds more than 150 World Wide patents. Furthermore these products have undergone stringent clinically trials.

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Kleinmond Active Zone offers one month free to everyone taking part in the 120 Day Fat Loss Challenge.